Battle of the Boos

Greetings, Meankitty fans!

Meankitty scares you.

Having fun with the creepiest month so far? Today we’re going to do something a little different. As our site has been collecting stories and pictures of evil felines for 10-ish years now, we’ve had a few repeated names in our time. Today we’re going to post all the cats who are named Boo. IE, the Battle of the Boos. Then tomorrow we’ll post a poll in the sidebar as to which Boo you guys think is the scariest. In preparation for tomorrow’s post be sure to check back here and see all 5 Boos and also answer the poll currently in the sidebar, since, hey!, polls are fun.

If you have a cat named Boo who isn’t on the site but needs to be, this would be the day you’d want to send him or her in. Maybe your cat will win the title of Ultimate Boo.

May the best Boo win!


Meankitty & Typing Slave