Gallery: Boo, The

Name: The Boo
Location: Fairfax, VA

The Boo
I also repaid them with special deposits under the bed, but don't tell them about those yet. I'm waiting for them to discover those on their own.

What makes The Boo so mean?

We rescued The Boo from a farm and nursed her back to health, a service which she has repaid with scratching, biting, tackling big sister Pearl (not a mean kitty, that slacker) when big sister Pearl is trying to sleep comfortably on their Mom-Slave’s bed, and terrorizing the pigeons that nest in the tree outside Mom-Slave’s apartment by flinging herself against the glass door and yowling madly, usually at two in the morning.

Her greatest weapon is not her claws but her sweet little face. We call her The Boo because she’s not as much of a kitty as she is an engine of destruction. The really scary thing is, she’s usually purring when she’s trying to remove your skin.

If I had a picture of StepDad-Slave’s hands for evidence, I’d send that too.

Photo submitted by: Deb


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