Gallery: Pumpkin (2)

Name: Pumpkin (2)
Location: Unknown

Pumpkin Machine
I'll help wash dishes by licking off the tuna scraps. Then I'll bite you.

What makes Pumpkin so mean?

Pumpkin was a stray kitten who came into my apartment, sat down by the fridge, and adopted me. I had no choice in the matter. Now he is 15 lbs. of pure mean kitty power.

I left him alone one weekend overnight and he shredded a roll of paper towels, dumped his watering jug, and tossed his food bowl upside down. That will teach me! Pumpkin was also very stressed recently following a traumatic incident of overturning the parakeet’s cage and bit me on the finger with four sharp teeth. After losing over one week of work and gaining many medical bills, I have learned my lesson and will be a better human owner.

Photo submitted by: Anon