Gallery: Psycho Lovebug

Name: Psycho Lovebug
Location: San Antonio, TX

Psycho Kitty
If they'd keep a roll of this beside my catpan, I wouldn't have to come all the way in here to wipe my bum.

What makes Psycho so mean?

Please find attached a photo of my kitty Psycho Lovebug, Queen of the Elsmere, who is a Meankitty in recovery. Psycho Lovebug had been abandoned at an apartment I moved into a few years ago, and her brand-new litter of babies had all died. (See, some kitties DO have reasons to be mean. I mean, OTHER than just ’cause they want to.)

She clearly wanted to be loved and petted, but at random (short) intervals, she’d sink her teeth and all 493 very sharp claws into flesh. She was the kind of kitty you couldn’t play the wiggly-fingers-under-the-sheet game with, because she’d consider the wiggly-sheet-lump for two seconds and then remove your arm above the elbow. She is not one to fool around with half-arse solutions, no sir.

But with love, patience, and loads of antibacterial ointment, now she only bites me when I really have it coming, like when I tell people she’s getting soft. But she still has no mercy on toilet paper or newspapers or phone books. I try real hard to point her to inanimate objects to vent her dental aggression. All you intractable Meankitties mock her at your peril.

Photo submitted by: L.