Advice: Dominance

Dear Meankitty,

This is an open letter to people owned by mean kitties. You neglected to establish dominant rank in your house. I learned to ‘mimic’ a few useful phrases in ‘Cat’. The low growl used for all discipline of a higher ranking [Gran Dame-Matriarch] female. I can growl rather loud and low. Neighbor’s cat isn’t sure how big the cat next door is, but it’s a BIG Growly thing. When one of my cats commits a no-no, all I have to do is call the offenders name and growl then the convicted walks off to find a very quiet spot out of view. I have 4 companions, a brother-sister pair of black cats, a grey tabby, and an orange tabby fluff-ball. I received each of them at different times and ages. Fighting/wrestling and chase re-enactments are not allowed on the bed. When that rule is forgotten, big growly noise is made. A few moments later the entire troupe is returning to cuddle, nicely this time.

Hope this helps one or two. To love a cat is to always love a mystery. Good luck with your mean kitties.

Gran Dame


Dear Dame,

Growling, huh? I hate to tell you this, but it works because your cats run away to laugh their butts off at you! But hey, it works, so who cares, right?

Meankitty the Buttless