Gallery: Herby

Name: Herby
Location: Atlanta, GA

Herby the meankitty
Who, me jump off balconies? Nevah!

What makes Herby so mean?

Where do I begin? Just to hit the high points… When Herby was a baby, he was more obnoxious than the 100 other cats I have had in my life. I would get home from work and he would leap at me and climb up my panty hose on my leg! He would also do this to any guest that walked in my house. Pants, panty hose… Whatever the wardrobe! People SERIOUSLY hated coming to my house because of him.

As he got older, he seemed like he would do things to spite me. After jumping off my 4th story balcony, he was not allowed out there any more. He was climbing the Christmas Tree and broke his leg! He would climb on the counters and tables, wherever there might be a drink sitting, and wait until I saw him next to it. Then he would paw it off the counter all over the floor.

Herby for Halloween
As soon as you turn your back, I'm dropping this pumpkin on the mailman.

Then he decided his toys were not amusing enough. So he began the great habit of climbing up the DOOR FRAMES! I literally have claw marks up and down my door frames. He would climb up then shriek his claws down the sides. After 2.5 years of this, I let him on my balcony again. (This time, 2nd story.) He would jump off and run away for days at a time. Finally I discovered he was going to my neighbor’s house. She claims he is the sweetest most gentle loving cat ever!

Photo submitted by: Shana