Advice: How Big Should the House Be?

Dear Meankitty,

It looks like my girlfriend and I are going to end up together. My problem is I have 3 Abyssinians, ages 1 thru 3. All of my cats are indoor cats and have their claws. My girlfriend has two cats. One Siamese who is 7 years old and a part time outdoor cat. And a mean white cat that’s about two. Both without front claws. She has plans to get a Ragdoll kitten at the end of the month.

What’s the safest to get all these cats together without a major brawl? Would it be easier to get a new girlfriend?

Kind Regards,
Meankitty fan


Dear Fan,

We hope you have a very large house! The cats without claws will learn to deal with the cats who do, probably by using their teeth and their back claws. Woohoo, cat party! The safest way to get them together might be to bring the cats who will be moving into your house over one at a time, shut them in a room and let the mystery build. Then intro them to the rest of the cats.

Otherwise just throw them all in a room, shut the door, turn on the web cam, and let them work it out while you go to a baseball game.