Advice: Cat Jekyll

Dear Meankitty,

I got your email address from online when I was searching for information about why my cat is so mean at times. Here is the story with my cat:

When I tell him no, after about 30 seconds he turns into “Jekyll” and he will lunge at me and bite me hard wherever his teeth may land. It has happened to my face even. I was afraid of my cat for about 5 years. He has mellowed a bit but when he is in a mood, he is downright mean. And what I don’t understand is, only about a minute or two after he has bitten me, he will jump into my lap purring.

I now have a 6 month old female (spayed) cat. They play together but I notice that he bites her too and I am afraid he will hurt her like he hurts me.

Can you give me some advice? Does my older cat need medication so his personality doesn’t snap like it does?



Dear CatBit,

Sounds like a human toddler! Pink Thing is currently in the “Don’t tell me no or you’ll regret it!” phase. Cats are smarter than humans give them credit for — well, Meankitty slaves know that already!

On the female cat, if you start finding actual wounds, worry about it then. Perhaps you can feed the female special growth hormone and she’ll get big enough to kick his kitty butt.



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