Gallery: Nigel

Name: Nigel
Location: Kansas City

Nigel is a meankitty
If I let them use the bathroom, they might find the catnip stash I've got hidden in there.

What makes Nigel so mean?

When we first got Nigel, we set up a comfortable room for him in our house, a small dressing room attached to the guest bathroom. Nigel soon figured out that he could open the bathroom door by wedging his paw into the crack and pushing it open. Once in there, he would go to the roll of toilet paper and shred every bit of it. This happened every week, despite our efforts to keep him out.

Whenever my boyfriend, our guests or I head towards Nigel’s beloved bathroom, he’ll race towards that person as fast as he can and barrel into their legs, tripping and scratching the offender. He does this every chance he can get. He also makes it a habit to perch behind our guests’ heads and swat at their loose hairs, scratching them in the process. He tricks people by rolling over sweetly and meowing, pretending he wants his belly rubbed, then scratching and biting the person when they do so.

Nigel has plentiful access to food and water, but he must have kitty treats every morning around nine. If we sleep in, Nigel places his paw under our bedroom door and rattles it while meowing loudly until one of us wakes up.

Nigel is a meankitty
They're so cute when they're little. And then you must eat them.

In the wee hours of the morning, Nigel enjoys racing from room to room, disturbing the vertical blinds (we have a lot of them) because he likes the loud sound they make. He was very affectionate towards our new puppy Dio at the outset. Now, whenever Dio prances to the kitchen to eat, Nigel plants himself directly on top of Dio and wraps his paws around him while hissing. Nigel also knocks the puppy’s water bowl over when Dio tries to drink from it. We can only get him to lay off of bullying Dio by using the hated water spray bottle.

Photo submitted by: Anon