Gallery: Dusty Blue

Name: Dusty Blue
Location: Unknown, but not the library

Dusty Blue is Mean
Courtesy Cat courteously sits right in the path where you want to walk.

What makes DB so mean?

DustyBlue, a feral rescue kitty, was supposed to be my LibraryCat when I was just starting out as a librarian, but her personality even as a kitten was too persnickety and downright mean to qualify.

She got along with the other House Kitties UNTIL the youngest members arrived and became the LibraryCats. At age 2 she refused to tolerate being part of the group any longer, her nose somewhat out-of-place since she was no longer the Baby, and decided she would rather live alone as the Hall Bathroom Cat rather than as part of the family.

Now at age 9 she still lives a solitary life away from the others (there were 7 but 4 have passed away in the last 3 years). Mostly. They tease her through the door and she returns the hisses and swats. As the Guest Bathroom Resident she greets visitors to that refuge; when the other cats are shut in their domain she patrols the house and is the Courtesy Kitty for overnight guests. Otherwise she prefers her bathroom domain and guards it fiercely from the other cats.

Dusty Blue hates people
I am no Dewey Readmore Books, that's for darn sure!

Though she gets along with adult people she is not fond of grandchildren. Her way to solicit petting from visitors is to swat at them with her paw–grandchildren think she is trying to scratch them but she is only trying to get attention. Since the kids think she is being mean, she is kept away from them so they will not be mean in return.

Her greetings consist of a meow, a swat and a hiss if one does not appropriately address her and pet her so she IS “The Queen of Mean” at my house.

Photo submitted by: KC