Gallery: Olive

Name: Olive
Location: WV

Olive is a meankitty
I don't like humans, either. I don't know what that crazy female is talking about.

What makes Olive so mean?

Olive is a ruthless and alien-like being who is never satisfied with anything…ever. She hates anything not human, and really, she could care less about most of OUR female population.

Olive, though de-clawed (by a previous owner), is shadowed only by the likes of Babe Ruth in hits. She will hit anyone, anytime, anywhere. Large scary dog…bring it on! Big horrible tomcat with six toes on each paw…bring it on twice! Olive doesn’t care; she will lurk around corners, in dark hallways, in stairwells, even on the refrigerator, until the moment is tender, and then BAM! A hard blow to the face! Maybe three! Depends what kind of mood she’s in. Then she just skulks off into the darkness. Where to? No one has ever been brave enough to follow.

Olive is a mean meankitty
The bat called me dogbreath. Did you expect me to take that lying down???

I saw her slap a bat out of the air once. Doesn’t get more hard core than that. Just saying.

Submitted by: Jolie Raper Yes That’s Really My Name



  1. She wasnt always evil, she used to be the submissive kitty. But she has always been dumb. (And for the record, Im not the one that declawed her, that was owner #1, im ownet #2)


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