Gallery: Maggy

Name: Maggy
Location: Bizarro World

Maggy is a meankitty
Cat? Dog? CAT? DOG? Who is who and what is going on here??

What makes Maggy so mean?

This kitty is named Maggy. She has 7 toes on each front paw and a huge fluffly tail. The pup is a boxer named Roxie and is her best friend. They play all the time.

[Meankitty’s note: THAT IS JUST SICK!]

Maggy is a meankitty doglover
This dog USED to have a tail. Heh heh heh...

However, Maggy is, after all, a cat, and that means plenty of attitude. Sometimes she gets sick of Roxie pushing her around when they play and then Roxie gets a real boxing and real attitude from Maggy.

If looks alone could kill, we’d be less one pup around here!

Submitted by: Carol



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