Gallery: Sassi

Name: Sassi
Location: Kansas City

Sassi is a meankitty
Oh! (singing) Wrappa my house in a buncha toilet paper, wrappa my house in a buncha toilet paper...

What makes Sassi so mean?

We got Sassi when she was very small. She almost died because she was very sick. Her eye never grew right after she got sick so her eye tears all the time.

She gets her name Sassi because it fits her VERY well! She will attack you one second and want you to pet her the next. She’s not quite sure what to do with petting. She purrs and loves it for about two seconds and then she attacks your hand or whatever is in attacking distance.

Another thing she does is run thru the house and STEAL anything she can steal…some days it’s q-tips out of the trash can, or my daughters hair clips, or the toilet paper roll, which she unrolls. It depends on what kind of mood she is in. If you stop her thieving, she will attack you.

Sassi is mean
Oh, wrappa my house...YO! This is me, breakin down the mix. The Meow Mix, baybee.

Lastly, she runs thru the house constantly picking on my other two sweet kitties. She doesn’t like company especially if it’s another animal. She will taunt them and make them totally submissive to her. She basically rules in this household and no-one here is going to argue with her on that!

Submitted by: Tracy

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