Letters: You’re Updats Suk

Dear Meankitty,

I notice that your doing all those updats and my cat PuffMuffin didnt make the kut. I don’t think thats fair you should post all the cats you get including mine. PuffMufin is really cute and she is so mean when she chases her stuffd mouse and is mean to the fish when she stars at them.



Dear Dissed,

As it says on the website in various places, the management reserves the right to edit text as we see fit AND ignore any submissions whose pictures are poor quality or whose stories of supposed meanness are lacking. We also reserve the right to LEAVE IN all the typos you make and/or mock your non-mean kitties. We also also reserve the right to be really inconsistent…just like cats. There’s a reason why the moniker of “meankitty” suits us so well!

Have a nice day!