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Name: Bandit
Location: Wisconsin

Bandit is Dracula Kitty
I was a termite in my former life before I achieved the highest pinnacle one can hope for. That would be CAT.

What makes Bandit so mean?

“His eyes were positively blazing. The red light in them was lurid, as if the flames of hellfire blazed behind them….” -Dracula, by Bram Stoker.

This is Bandit. He, as you can see, is possessed. Some say by a French demon (hence the goatee). The adorable, chuckle-inducing exterior of this cat hides an inner master of destruction and chaos. The first signs of it were when he was a wee little thing. In the dark of the night, he would scrape my face raw with his tongue, waking me from a sound sleep. I would turn my face away and he would go around and keep scraping. So I would push him away with my hand, which he chewed on. Enthusiastically. This would happen over and over and over every night.

I believe this behavior is tied to one of his others: he eats fabric. Bandit’s favorite dietary delicacies are wool, cotton, fleece and OAK!!!! Yes, he actually chewed on a piece of solid oak furniture and the marks are there to this day. One time, I was wearing a pair of Alpaca socks at home and he started chewing on them….while I was still wearing them! This possessed feline is the most destructive creature known to man – he has destroyed towels, blankets, sheets, countless socks, shirts, shorts, jeans. For fun, he shreds corrugated cardboard boxes. It is my lot in life to provide a shelter complete with chew toys for this creature, but on occasion, the demon will be quiescent and the sweet lovey baby will snuggle with me and (almost) make me forget I want to file his teeth.

Photo submitted by: Barb


  1. I never tied the Dracula quote to cats, but it sure fits. I once had a dog that chewed wood furniture and cushions. Are you sure Bandit isn’t part dog?


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