Spooky (2)

Name: Spooky (2)
Location: Denver, CO


What makes Spooky so mean?

Spooky is a mean kitty because from the moment I rescued him from the shelter, he has been a scratcher and a biter! Sometimes in play, but mostly not.

He still gets water bottle squirts all the time for his actions. He often reaches out and grabs/bites an ankle or bare foot (ouch!) for no apparent reason. He gets easily stirred up when I am just trying to be nice and pet him and give him what I call ‘Kitty Massage’, which he will let me do for about 2.5 minutes and the the teeth and claws come out and it is rough play time (again, ouch!)

A secondary character in Bethany Adams‘ RETURN OF THE ELVES series named Lynia has chronic pain.

He refuses to use the scratching post but does use the cardboard floor scratchers with cat nip in them. The back of my old couch is all shredded. I spray a special spray there to discourage scratching, I put up double sided sticky tape, too, all to no avail. I just gave up.

He needs more play time than I have the energy for, as I have arthritis and chronic pain and part of his crankiness is that he is an ‘indoor only’ cat. There are mean humans who want to hurt black cats, plus there are dogs all around where we live who would chase him up a nearby tree in a heartbeat. There is also a big scary parking lot nearby.


Spooky is about three years old, and is a ‘miracle kitty’. He had survived a broken pelvis after being hit by a car before I had gotten him from the shelter and had only been out of the isolation cage at the shelter for about a month before I got to adopt him. The kitty doctor says that he will probably have arthritis down there as he ages.


He has been a wonderful companion since the loss of my beloved 17 year old Miss Puss about two years ago. I really do love him a lot, and I think he loves me too, even though he is truly a MEAN KITTY at heart.

Photo submitted by: Steve