Georgie Girl

Name: Georgie Girl
Location: Toronto, Canada

What makes Georgie Girl so mean?

Tossed out of a car and abandoned, I was manipulated into loving this cat after babysitting her for a few days. She was really loving – for exactly the number of days it took me to decide to keep her. Then her inner evil started to surface. She has carved up my china cabinet, couch (to the foam), and walls for starters. When she’s really in a bad mood she likes to relieve herself on my freshly made bed. Yes, I threw out the mattress, sheets, pillows and replaced everything. $1,000 later she did it again – on the new stuff!

If she thinks you’re leaving the house, she’ll chase you and bite your ankles. Don’t even think about bringing your cat to my home because she’ll have it backed into a corner in a millisecond. And don’t let the faint sound of her meoooow confuse you–she’s full bore mean. But I love her so much anyway. Especially when she’s sleeping 🙂

Photo submitted by: Rosemary