Pepper Kitty

Name: Pepper
Location: Tennessee


What makes Pepper so mean?

This is my almost 9yr old tortie, Pepper. AKA PepperKitty, or as she prefers, “Her Royal Catness”. When she was a kitten of 3 months, she got outside and chased a very large adult tomcat out of the yard and several blocks! My husband barely caught up to catch her!


Then last year, we bought a house. Dear little pepperkitty is far from being little. One night, I’m jolted awake by angry noises. When I go to investigate, Pepper is furiously scratching at the sliding glass door, growling, hissing, and then kinda rams the door! I try to distract her but no luck. She eventually managed to scare the larger cat away, without going outside!

Submitted by: LG