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Name: Tango
Location: UK

Tango is mean
There’s nothing like the smell of fresh napalm in the morning. Except maybe a field of burning catnip.

What makes Tango so mean?

I am writing this letter as Tango (my cat who is brother to satan) would love to be on your website. Tango is 5 years old and throughout those 5 years it has felt like I have lived in hell! He has a whole grave yard to his name, he has killed that many animals. I’ve had rats, many birds and even my next door neighbour’s pet. He doesn’t back down at animals his own size; he has attacked me a countless amount of times. The worst was one night when I shut him in the bathroom by accident. When I finally came to his rescue, he sprang out at me, scratching my face numerous times and leaving numerous scars.

Photo submitted by: Matt