Gallery: Hammy

Name: Hammy
Location: Your Nightmares

Hammy the attack cat
I’m mad…and I’m bad…

What makes Hammy so mean?

Hammy is my earless cat. He has nearly killed a schnauzer dog named Jorge that made the mistake of visiting the house. Hammy bludgeoned Jorge into my fireplace and ripped the dog’s nose a long open wound that connected to his mouth. There are still blood stains on my ceiling from that beating. I had to mop up all of the blood and wring out the mop repeatedly. Jorge’s owner Blackie also received deep gashes to his arms and hands and face in his futile attempt to save his dog.

I’m dangerous to know.

Hammy has also put a human that we live with named Claire in the hospital after she dared bringing home a stray cat, foolish woman. Hammy has also dominated fights with raccoons, skunks, and a large sheepdog will never, EVER, set foot in our yard again.

Photo submitted by: Keith


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  1. OMG, Hammy looks exactly like that familiar cat of the Hexxenbeast on the show Grimm that sent Juliet to the hospital in Season 1. I think Hammy must have inspired the cat portrayed on television. He should totally be asking for royalties or something. lol


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