Gizgog & Tufty

Names: Gizgog & Tufty
Location: Unknown

A grey tabby and a orange and white spotted cat
Gizgog and Tufty like to cuddle when they aren’t tormenting the humans.

What makes Gizgog & Tufty so mean?

Gizgog is the dark kitty, and fits perfectly on a bike seat. He puts his paws on the thin bit and his backside on the rest. He loves to eat, sleep, and run round like a nutcase!

He’ll play with anything–string, cd’s, sherbet, tomato tops, shoes, clothes… He likes running from the front door to the back door and up any furniture in the way.

a grey tabby drinking out of a sink
I don’t mind the water in my bowl, but this inconveniences them more, and why would I want to miss out on that?

Gizgog drives us nuts by refusing to drink out of his water bowl. He only drinks from a running tap in the bath. If we deprive him of that, he stirs the water in his bowl until it’s moving and going all over the floor.

orange and white cat in a bag
Bag is good

Tufty (ginger with the naughtily shaped patch on his head) was Gizgog’s brother. He died a few month’s ago. Tufty was a big hug-aholic, and if he didn’t get it, he bit until he did, or drooled on you until you gave in.

He used to yowl in the morning from 6 am until we got up, no matter what day of the week. If I dared to stay in bed past 9.30 am on a Saturday–even if Leigh was already up–Tufty would lie on my head until I woke up from fur-suffocation.

We all miss the Tufty, especially Gizgog, as he wakes us up now to make up for Tufty not being there. I used to have Kit-kats, but now it’s just Kat.

Photo submitted by: Bekah & Leigh