Name: Gizzy
Location: Singapore

a calico cat whose face is just poking out of a blanket
Feeeeeed me after midnight, sucka!

What makes Gizzy so mean?

Gizzy was originally named “Gizmo” because of her likeness to Gizmo from “The Gremlins”. I got lazy and started calling her “Gizzy” – “Gizmo” is quite a mouthful, you see, and now, Gizzy only responds to “Gizzy”.

So, Gizzy is the sweetest looking thing on Earth! I took one look at her, fell in love and brought her home. She was sweet…for the first 4 days. You see, I love kissing Gizzy, but one time, she got irritated and bit me on my lip. She bites often but I am delusional and think she’s really trying to kiss me.

a calico kitty looking down from above
I think I can reach the window sill from here…

Gizzy loves climbing to the window sill (she’s not allowed to do that as I am afraid that she might get distracted by the birds and fall). She –knows– for a fact she is not allowed there. Once I caught her and I started to walk towards her angrily. She gave a mean “meow” – it sounded like a taunt. She only jumped off when I was one foot away from her.

Last but not least, a most memorable incident. I have another cat, Ozzie, who’s 3 times Gizzy’s size. Now, Ozzie being the bigger cat, you’d think that he bullied Gizzy a lot – at least that was what my husband assumed because Gizzy always “cried” whenever Ozzie entered the room she was in. Seconds later, Ozzie would run out. One time, when Gizzy thought I wasn’t looking, Ozzie walked into the study. Gizzy was already there. To my surprise, Gizzy hit Ozzie’s face with her paw, jumped to a corner and started “crying” while Ozzie ran out! Talk about being devious!

a calico kitty with an open mouth
Who, me whap Ozzie around? You’re imagining things!

And, oh yes, all my hair bands are missing. They will always be missing because Gizzy loves to drag them out of my walk-in wardrobe (she’s trained herself to open it!) and hide them…all over the place. They don’t reappear until the annual “hard-core-cleanup”.

Photo submitted by: Dawn