Name: Gonzo the Destroyer
Location: Frankfort, IL

a cat beside a teddy bear on a white sheet
For my next pile of poop, I’ll be using Teddy as a model…

What makes Gonzo so mean?

Gonzo is a meankitty because he is the boss of the apartment, period. If Gonzo is unhappy he will destroy something, and despite missing his front claws he is like an angry Godzilla ravaging Tokyo. Imagine coming home to find a warm, soft pile of cat poop on your bed and pillow! He chews things like a puppy – couches, beds, and chairs have all been helpless victims to his raging teeth. He will also fake scratch the furniture and glare at you while doing it, as if saying “you’re lucky these are blanks!”

Gonzo may let you cuddle with him when HE feels like it. But you don’t dare try touching his tummy or stop petting him; he will grab you with his front paws and bite like a bloodthirsty piranha on a experimental river cow. Beware the meankitty.

Photo submitted by: Norm