Goobie Rex

Name: Goobie Rex
Location: Unknown

A grey and white cat looking through a wire fence and laughing
I think I see a mousie!

What makes Goobie so mean?

This is Goobie Rex. He earned the name (and the leg cast) defending the throne, his own that is. ‘Submit or be torn to ribbons’ is his motto and war wounds are considered the price of greatness.

In addition to being King he is Lawmaker, Judge, and Jury and holds to a firm belief in corporal punishment. Closed doors are strictly forbidden. If I leave the bathroom door open it is still a breach of justice if he cannot see me behind the shower curtain; yowls of protest will ensue until the barrier is removed. A minor offense, this is usually met with a swap or nip. Going away on vacation, however, is a more serious crime and upon returning home is punishable by attacks involving teeth and claws to any area of the back of the leg.

Goobie is also High Priest and Executioner but there is no need of a guillotine. A ferocious mouser, Goobie has been known to play Ping-Pong with his kills against the side of the house until their heads detach. He will then present the headless offerings in ceremonial fashion by laying them out on the porch steps for the admiration of the little people.

a grey and white cat with a green cast on its leg
My mousie tennis got too vigorous.

Life in the Kingdom is happy as long as you’re playing by his rules, but of course they’re subject to change.

Photo submitted by: Some woman