Name: Groovie Mann Hill
Location: Lancashire

a skinny black cat sitting up but showing his furless white belly
Look how clean my booty is! Impressive, isn’t it!

What makes Groovie so mean?

This is Groovie. Groovie Mann Hill, to be exact. He is quite mean in his own way. He is not a biter by any means–that would be much too easy for a cat like Groovie. He inflicts his own brand of suffering on all around by being a, shall we say, clean freak. He is given to protracted displays of washing his booty in public. He consistently sleeps between me and my girlfriend to prevent any ‘socializing’ in bed. He is also a habitual sprayer. Any innocent clothing left on the floor will be doused in mere seconds with his ‘Love Musk’, which smells similar to freshly made battery acid. Nothing is sacred: drapery, chairs, even the front door. Be warned…

Photo submitted by: Dallas and Missy