Name: Herman
Location: Copenhagen

a white cat face sleeping
This kitten may look cute, but looks can be deceiving.

What makes Herman so mean?

Herman the Terrorist leaves diarrhea bombs all over the house. His favorite game is to knock things off tables, especially if those things are tumblers filled with water. He enjoys riding the vacuum cleaner around the house when I’m vacuuming, bullying the other kitten (who’s 4 months older and weighs a kilo more), strolling on the kitchen counter, and attacking any mirror in sight.

a white at sleeping under a towel
I need my beauty sleep so I can grow up big and strong! That being said, I’ve heard tell that the humans are only brave enough to get this close to me when I’m sleeping.  Of course I’m just pretending and will have my revenge at some later date.

Bought a squirt gun as a disciplinary tool/ Turns out he thinks being squirted with water is a great game.

I shudder to think that soon this little terrorist is going to be a very large terrorist of 7 kilos or more. World, beware!

Photo submitted by: Simone