Kali (3)

Name: Kali
Location: France

a black cat staring wistfully into the distance
The freak waits and comes out…at night!

What makes Kali so mean?

Hi y’all, I’m Kali, a seven month-old little (dare) devil. Other than being a natural meankitty due to my black robe, I also pride myself in being quite a trickster. I had my human parents believe I was a boy for 6 months, and they called me Vito and didn’t find it weird at all that I had titties…hehehe I was a pretty good transvestite until the vet found out.

When I turn into meankitty (usually when it gets dark out), I always grab and claw at anyone who tries to go into the kitchen or who turns the computer switch (or any switch) on. I especially enjoy fighting with those huge cat slippers my human daddy has. I also attacked my human daddy like a vampire (fangs right down his yummy neck!) because I thought he was going to vacuum me up.

Photo submitted by: Deborah