Name: Kashmir
Location: Idaho

a grey and brown tabby with a white chest and big dilated pupils
Mmmmm, human nostril be lookin’ good to me.

What makes Kashmir so mean?

Kashmir….sounds like a soft, cuddly name (like a cashmere sweater). HA! My kitty Kashmir is a meankitty! He hates to be picked up and he will growl at you until you put him down. One time, my mom decided that she was going to FORCE Kashmir to cuddle with her and Kashmir didn’t like that idea one bit. He growled and growled for about 5 minutes and finally got so fed up that he bit her right on the nose! Blood was everywhere – he practically pierced her nose with his vicious fangs.

Needless to say, she doesn’t try and cuddle Kashmir anymore 🙂 I do have to admit, though, he secretly enjoys being cuddled by me. He still growls and pushes me away, but amidst all the growling I can always hear him purring. And when I put him down, he always comes right back for more. I guess he is a meankitty in denial of being a momma’s boy.

Photo submitted by: Karisa