Name: Katarina
Location: ??

a tortoiseshell cat yawning
This is me exercising my jaw (ha, they think it’s a yawn!) in order to bite harder.

What makes Katarina so mean?

Katarina has always been a mean kitty, partly because she grew up on the mean streets of Charleston Heights, South Carolina, and partly because people used to call her “Pumpkin” before we got her.

The picture with her mouth open is actually a yawn, but it does look kind of like a roar and it shows off her mean, pointy teeth, which she uses often and for no apparent reason. On the other hand, she loves sunbeams and her friend, the dog.


Other cats, though, are fair game. She also once was seen stalking a full-grown deer, despite the fact that she only weighs nine pounds. Luckily for the deer, we laughed so loud at Katya that he had a chance to run away.

Photo submitted by: Bruce