Name: Lucyfurr
Location: CA

a very pretty long haired white cat looking at camera
I’m not evil. I’m pure as the … ok I’m evil.

What makes LucyFurr so mean?

Lucy is the prettiest little thing you ever saw. She’s three and weighs seven and a half pounds and has a little sweetie pea smiley face, and like so many beautiful little females of whatever species she’s just evil. Rotten to the core.

She loves to go outside, and is allowed out for supervised play every day. I won’t bore you with the reasons for the supervised part, but it has something to do with fighting. It has a LOT to do with fighting, actually. It has to do with beating the crap out of every cat in the neighborhood, is what it has to do with. It has something to do with butt biting and vet bills, which Lucy is not about to reimburse since that what she owns a family for — besides buying her tuna fishies and such, that is. If she wasn’t so cute I’d throw her out the window. (Right.)

Photo submitted by: Ellen