Name: Otakon
Location: Unknown

a brown cat on a green sheet under a red blanket
This is my spot on the bed.

What makes Otakon so mean?

This is our cat, Otakon. Since he’s moved in there’s no such thing as a good night’s sleep. He has “his” spots on the bed and if you’re in them when he wants them, he’ll do one of three things till you move:

1: walk to your ear and yowl constantly.
2: lick your armpit
3: bite your big toe.

The odd thing is, he seems to only use the last two tactics on me. For the longest time my fiancee didn’t believe me when I said, “Can’t sleep, the cat’ll eat me.” But one night she noticed him going for an armpit lick and watched, fascinated, until I pushed him off the bed and rolled out of his way.

A brown cat on a green comforter looking at you insolently
This is my other spot on the bed. Well, the bed is my spot on the bed.

One might suggest shutting him out of the bedroom, but that won’t work. When we first tried it he stayed outside the bedroom all night yowling, pulling up the carpet and scratching the door. Eventually, he figured out how to open the door himself so now there’s no escape, and alas, no rest for me.

Photo submitted by: J.M.