Mariah Kitty

Name: Maria Kitty
Location: Your Dreams, Lover

A black and white tuxedo kitty with a closeup of her big white paw
My paw looks so disproportionately big because I whack people with it so much.

What makes Mariah Kitty so mean?

This cat was found in the rain gutter of Baldwin Park, CA. She was approximately three weeks old when my mom found her. We nursed her back to health and decided to keep her, not knowing what was to come in later years.

For the first 4 years she was an indoor kitty who loved the sweet life, but then my brother was born. As soon as he came home from the hospital, Kitty got put outside where she remained till the day she died. This cat could not be petted, for when she was, it sounded as if she was being put through agonizing torture, which of course was not the case. She once even scared my girlfriend so bad by popping up beside her meowing her hateful meow and causing my girlfriend to jump. She (the human she) proceeded to fall down the steps in front of the house. Now you tell me what kinda kitty would do that if not a mean one?

Photo submitted by: Jazmine