Katy Cat

Name: Katy Cat
Location: Cornwall, UK

an orange tabby asleep with its paw on a computer mouse
I’m having the best dream about a mouse. I wonder why?

What makes Katy so mean?

Katy Cat deserves a mention because she is mean. Even cruel sometimes in her relentless tirade of mental abuse she dishes out to anybody who knows her. The irritating thing is that she is ultra-sweet and nice to people she doesn’t know.

What doe she do? She enjoys “rescuing” drowning potato skins from the washing-up bowl and throwing them around. She likes to lie in the road and impede the traffic. She loves randomly attacking her brother, Gizmo, when he’s sleeping. She gets a thrill from being let out of the back-door and instantly appearing at a front window begging to be let in. She refuses randomly to eat certain cat foodstuffs. She likes to throw things off tables, shelves, etc. and break them. She loves to sit on the paper while you read it. She likes to stand in front of the television while you watch it.

Her best moment ever still has to be the cricket incident. Katy followed me up to the local cricket club and decided to walk into the middle of the pitch and sit on the crease, thus prohibiting the cricketers from playing.

Photo submitted by: Nathan