Name: Kemo
Location: Unknown

a grey and brown tabby with a white face on top of a beige carpeted cat pedestal
She TASTES the best, anyway.

What makes Kemo so mean?

Kemo is somewhere around 4 years old, and he can be a mean kitty! My boyfriend and I adopted him from an outdoor existence and now keep him indoors, which may account for his frequent spurts of psychosis. His favorite thing to do is stare out the sliding glass doors, and if any animal comes by, slam his entire body full-force into the glass while screaming like someone is murdering him. One time when he was in this fit of rage, I picked him up to calm him down, and he bit me so hard I had four puncture wounds encircled by bruises!

He also demands attention at all hours of night and early morning, including smacking and scratching at closed curtains in our bedroom. He chases our other kitty and sends both of them tearing through rooms at top speed. When he wants into a lap that’s occupied, he’s not afraid to resort to fangs and claws. He seems to like me best, although he bit my head when I wouldn’t let him use my pillow.

Photo submitted by: Laurel