Name: Lorenzo
Location: CA

a white and grey cat looking at you from a chair under a table
10 feet. That’s close enough.

What makes Lorenzo so mean?

It’s not really this cat’s fault that he’s a meankitty. A feral cat’s gotta live like a feral cat’s gotta live. He hangs at the Newark Unified School District Office in Newark, CA, and is fed by at least three different departments. He specializes in bad looks.

He’ll hide out behind the bushes and look as if he’s saying, “Get the heck off my turf NOW!” We can get within about 10 feet of him, and then he’s off, but not before he gives you a mean face. If all of his food bowls are empty, he will look in office windows and glare at the humans. In this early morning photo, I found him on some old furniture destined for the dumpster. I think he was embarrassed to be caught using a comfy chair.

Photo submitted by: Denise