Name: Khaki
Location: Behind You

a pale colored cat looking at the camera on a pink pillow
There is no dishonor in attacking from behind in Catworld. In fact the SOHC approves it as a clever tactic!

What makes Khaki so mean?

This is my mom’s cat. His real name is Khaki, but I call him Dr. Evil. He is truly a mean and evil kitty. During a vet’s visit the vet told us the blood work revealed he tested 100% positive for the pure evil gene.

It’s fairly typical to have a mean cat hiss at you, or even take a swipe at you, but Dr. Evil will seek you out to abuse you. One of his typical aggressions is to trap you and torment you. For instance, let’s say you go into a room to get something. When you turn around to leave he’ll be standing in the doorway. As you try to escape he’ll hiss menancingly. I’ve been trapped inside a room for 15 minutes by this beast. Eventually I climbed out the window.

Another time, I got sick of his BS and was feeling brave. He was in the hallway growling and I confronted him. I said, “You think you’re tough? You think you’re a badass? Come on show me what you got!” He just sat there growling. “I thought so, wussy boy,” I said, all pleased with myself.

Triumphant, I walked away thinking I’d beaten this cat at his own game. Just then WHACK! The little turd waited till I turned my back and sliced me along my calf.

Photo submitted by: Andrew