Lisa Marie

Name: Lisa Marie
Location: Absolutely Not Graceland

A pale siamese cat looking at the camera. seal point coloring.
Darn right I don’t like strangers…unless they have steak.

What makes Lisa Marie so mean?

I discovered our little darling on the cold concrete of our basement floor  abandoned by her feral mom.  In my mind’s eye, I see it played out as a weird circle of cats all gathering around the birth like a scene from “Rosemary’s Baby”.

She has been hand-fed by my wife and I since she was 6-hours-old, miraculously nursed through pneumonia (8 days in Kitty I.C.U. $$$$),  and eats only the finest raw meat.

Nevertheless she has become a shameless thief and beggar, and if one doesn’t give her what she wants, she’ll just swipe it out of your drawer, steal it off your plate, or right out of your mouth.  And then hiss at you should you dare to take it back.  With great dexterity Lisa will leap onto the heads of dinner guests to survey the table.  She’ll swipe bones twice her body weight, entire pieces of pastry, ears of corn, anything!  She is a true omnivore.  She’ll just sneer into the barrel of a high-powered super-soaker as she picks her way through our kitchen cabinets and makes-off with entire tins of cat cookies.

She doesn’t care for strangers.  The enclosed photo of Lisa Marie was taken on the day of her return from her hysterectomy.  She was returned to us from our vet with a prescription for what he termed, “Happy Pills”, with which Lisa Marie was directed to take two hours before ever re-entering his office again.  Ten days later, I had to remove her stitches myself.

Photo submitted by: Dog Dish People