Reese (2)

Name: Reese
Location: St Maarten

A calico kitty slumped on the back of a chair or couch with her arms on either side of it.
Hi, I need protection and also some cords to chew.

What makes Reese so mean?

Reese is an adopted “island kitty” from St. Maarten. When my husband and I moved down here with our Siamese cat, we decided that we should get a playmate for her. Lo and behold, I had to pick the most destructive and scared kitten out of the litter. She was so innocent and frightened when I brought her home, it just made me want to comfort her even more! She took to our Siamese soooo well, I thought that she was the perfect playmate.

She never ceased to run from us whenever we walked near her or a noise freaked her out. That is when she decided that chewing all of my electrical cords was her form of entertainment and that it ensured we would never be able to find another home for her. Even though she is well over a year old now, all of my electronics are covered in car wires covers and bitter lime gel, just to ensure I don’t come home to more chewed wires or worse yet, and electrocuted cat. What a pest!

Photo submitted by: Jessica