Name: Patches
Location: The Back Yard

A tortoise shell cat looking up at the camera and meowing. black nose and orange cheeks. grass in the background.
Love me or die!

What makes Patches so mean?

Patches is a mad cat. Mad for lovin’, that is. She is demanding, talkative and loud and follows you around being bossy. No matter what you are doing she will get in your lap and yell, “PET ME NOW, HUMAN!” When you comply, she writhes in your lap like she’s on catnip. When you do not comply you suffer the consequences.

We have another cat, Shadow. Patches can’t stand to see Shadow getting any lovin’ so if you pet Shadow and Patches sees it, Patches will beat Shadow up. Then she will come trotting up to you like she has just done you a favor.

Photo submitted by: Paul

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