Name: Teddy
Location: KY

A very fluffy yellow tabby cat with glowing yellow eyes because of the photo taking
It’s a bird…zap…it’s a plane…zap…it’s super cat!

What makes Teddy so mean?

This is my cat, Teddy. He’s the best cat ever. We got him from some big red bloke in a Halloween costume with horns and a tail… he said he was from Hull or Hail or some weird place like that..


He can shoot these really cool rays from his eyes that kill anything instantly. Just now he saw a bird in the garden he didn’t like, and ZZAP, it was toast.

Our next door neighbor’s husband didn’t like the way he would go into their house and piss on their bed and claw at their wallpaper, so he ZZZAPPED him. Now she lets him do whatever he wants. She even cooks him roast chickens every day, and keeps dropping these cheques through our door. Nice lady.

Photo submitted by: Rob