Name: Sasha
Location: Washington State

What makes Sasha so mean?

She’s nice when she wants to be and only she knows when that is. She was on a friend’s lap one day, and he was petting her and she was purring as if she enjoyed it. Because her tail seems to be the only true indicator of her intentions, I knew she was, in fact, going to attack. I warned him that he was about to become a blood donor, but her purring had him convinced otherwise. He left with bloody claw marks on his arm.

Recently she discovered that, by slapping a piece of loose weather stripping, she could get me to open the front door any time she wants. It makes a lot of noise and she does not give up, no matter what time it is. Sometimes she doesn’t actually feel like coming in, so she will run away when I answer the door and then come back a few minutes later to make me open the door again.

She’s also been implicated in attempted assaults on small neighborhood dogs.

ETA at a later date:

I cannot in good conscience allow Sasha to remain in with the other meankitties. Shortly after I made the submission, I moved from Phoenix to Seattle. I moved her up first to stay with a friend for three weeks. The situation was rougher on her than I expected, between my friend’s Bull Mastiff and the raccoons, and by the time I made the final move she had reformed. She is now a very nice, ocial kitty who realizes life is difficult without human. She enjoys sitting on my lap, cuddling up with me at night and plays without using her claws. She was also very happy to see the dog, whom she now tolerates very well.

Photo submitted by: Eric