Little Baby

Name: Little Baby
Location: CA

A photo of a brown tabby cat with a lot of white on him. His nose is brown and his ears are very perky.
Actually, it wasn’t a string from my toy, it was one I ate and then pooped back out just to see if you’d touch it.

What makes Little Baby so mean?

Found at 3 weeks old in my front yard, LITTLE BABY was so weak, little & cute we had to save him…much to the chagrin of my older black cat BELLE. In no time, LITTLE BABY began to terrorize BELLE. She would pounce and cheerfully bite & tear into poor BELLE who would not defend himself against this small little monster.

Finally, BELLE had enough of LITTLE BABY’s antics and started to show his human slaves he wanted us to let him outside. BELLE stopped using the litter box. Nothing like opening a door to fresh kitty poo. So BELLE got his freedom… from LITTLE BABY!

Once his torture victim was gone, we had to substitute kitty toys so as not to be LITTLE BABY’s next victim. He uses his ‘search & destroy’ antics on the toys which I tie onto a long, long string in order to avoid the wild swinging of LITTLE BABY’s razor sharp claws.

LITTLE BABY cuteness overcomes his ‘mean’ streak, and he’s quite smart. Last week, one of the long strings came off of his new catnip toy so LITTLE BABY brought the string to me in my bedroom and dropped it at my feet. I looked at it, and asked him, ‘Where is your toy?”. He picked up the string and walked towards the kitchen where he dropped the string on his toy, ‘asking’ me to fix his toy.

Photo submitted by: F. Joseph