Name: Marrin
Location: MA

A brown tabby rubbing a paw over his ear and his eyes are closed
Did you tell me to move? I can’t heaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar you!

What makes Marrin so mean?

Marrin may look like a sweet kitty, and most often he is, but he is the meanest morning kitty you will ever meet. His body clock (or is it his stomach?) wakes him everyday at 5:30am, and he believes that if he is awake, you should be too!

Since we keep the bedroom doors closed at night and Marrin’s first priority in the morning is to greet the food bowl, he has developed several methods of getting the bedroom door open. The first was to bite my nose, but he gave this up immediately, as he did not enjoy being a flying kitty. Next he would pat my cheeks with his paws but didn’t enjoy my reaction to that either. Also discarded for their disagreeable consequences were bouncing on my chest or back, yanking on my hair, and nibbling on my ear.

Finally, he opted for a non-contact approach, which he deemed a safer idea. He now walks back and forth across the head of my bed very quickly, the bounce of which will ultimately drag me from sleep. I’m afraid, though, that I must be getting used to this. Last weekend, when his pacing was ineffective, he decided to try a new method. Using a single dagger like claw, he reached out and pricked my lip. I’m pretty sure he won’t try that one again though, since it scared him rather badly when I woke up screaming!

Photos submitted by: Zarrin