Name: MeeMee
Location: UK

Meemee is a black cat in a red and orange striped yawn chair yawning with the hugest teeth ever
First you say it was mean to bring just the head, and then when I bring the whole rabbit to share, you complain about that, too??

What makes MeeMee so mean?

MeeMee was so mean to other cats and other animals that he was the only cat out and about during the day; the rest of the animals were too scared of him. The meanest thing he ever did was bring back a rabbit’s head, as he had eaten the rest. Another time he brought a dead rabbit into the house, but guess what — the rabbit was not dead. It started to run around the living room to get away from MeeMee. My mother was screaming and running about just like the little rabbit.

Photo submitted by: Martin

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