Name: Marwood
Location: England

Marwood as a kitten was white and black spotted and very fuzzy and is approaching the camera with a mew on his lips and squinted shut eyes
I want blood!  Wahhhhhhhh!

What makes Marwood so mean?

This is Marwood. He is only a young thing but already is showing great delight in chewing and clawing at my legs and arms. Chewing furniture? Ha! Not fleshy enough! Clawing at carpets? Never! Carpets don’t scream in pain!

His single most adorable feature is his ability to wake me up when asleep. How does he do this? Most cats may gently paw at your face, not Marwood. He goes for the eyes, with his claws out. There’s nothing guaranteed to wake you up more than a claw in your eyeball at 5AM.

You’d like a better quality picture? Well as soon as you dare get on his level with a camera for long enough to take one, you are more than welcome.

Photo submitted by: Andy

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