Little Bitty

Name: Little Bitty
Location: Alabama

What makes LB so mean?

Here is our 11 month old demon, err, I mean cat.

She was about 3 weeks old when we saved her from animal shelter and was so affectionate. She was so tiny we named her Little Bitty – LB for short. She loved to cuddle in the crook of our necks and purr herself to sleep, she was playful and would sleep anywhere she felt the desire to – basically, all the things kittens are so loveable for.

Then the possession happened.

At about 3 months she turned on us. Playful taps turned to hurtful scratches and her purrs and meows turned to hisses and growls. She would bite and claw when we petted her and would often draw blood. We decided that getting her spayed and such would maybe subdue her. Wrong! Now she wants revenge.

She comes to our bed and sleeps next to my wife but will still attack if she tries to pet her. She harasses our old Tom by not letting him back in from the laundry room where we keep the litter box. She will sit in front of the kitty door and slam it in his face every he tries to get in. Needless to say we still call her LB, but it secretly stands for Little something else that rhymes with witch.

Photo submitted by: Diane and Stephen