Name: Osiris
Location: Florida

What makes Osiris so mean?

Osiris the Sphynx isn’t really a mean cat, just psycho. Every morning around 3 am, she crawls up my shirt and attacks me. I have scratches and cuts all over my chest and back.

Osiris gets into these out of control moods where she runs around like a maniac under and over furniture, up the couch, up and down the stairs 30x, attacking the poor innocent fish and mutilating the other cats, even beating up the 100 lb+ dog.

She takes socks from the dirty bin and runs around with them, leaving a pleasant stinky surprise when I come home. Last night I found 15 dirty nasty socks in my bed under the covers.

If you come into my house, she’ll run up your leg and sit on your shoulder digging in with her razor sharp claws and biting your ears.

Photo submitted by: Tina