Oscar and Mr. Kitty

Names: Oscar and Mr. Kitty
Location: Hairball City

What makes Oscar and Mr. Kitty so mean?

I have two mean kitties. Both are orange, which must indicate a bad temper!

First we have Oscar a/k/a “Oscar the Grouch”. Most of the time, he is pretty mellow, but he has his moments. The fact that he has been neutered doesn’t stop him from having his way with our other cat, “Mr. Kitty”. Oscar is also fond of smacking our dog, Loco, in the face.

=^..^= hisss!

Next there is Mr. Kitty. Don’t let his fluffy exterior and angelic look fool you; he is often referred to as the “evil orange”. Mr. Kitty likes to eat and will stop at nothing to do so. He bullies Oscar, pushing him out of the way, so that he can gobble up all the food for himself. What makes Mr. Kitty truly mean is that he bites–hard. My hands look like a pin cushion from his needle sharp teeth. Mr. Kitty is 22 lbs of sheer terror!

Photo submitted by: Shandy

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