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Name: Robin
Location: Norway

Robin is a horrid kitty
Do I wow you or what?

What makes Robin so mean?

Me and my cat, which now is 2 years old, lives in Norway, cold but lots of countryside nature, where my cat loves sneaking around scaring people or make them wow cuz he looks like a little leopard and has a beautiful silk Bengal coat.

His name is Rampete Robin which translated means horrid Henry as in the children’s books, and he really lives up to his name. He can scare a big dog with his mrrr sound when his angry, or bite you if you don’t rub his cheek and chin as long as he wants. He loves drinking from the sink or bathtub but hates the toilet after he fell into it. He bounced up pretty fast and smelled like a toilet.

Once he got home all smelly and stinky, so my mother had to shower him and I had to hold him. If looks could kill, we’d be dead. He meowed, scratched and tried to flee all the time.

Robin is a mad kitty
This isn’t the look that can kill. That comes later, when you least expect it. Have a nice day…

We have a little Chihuahua puppy who adores the cat, and the cat loves to boss him around like making the dog lick him clean, teasing the dog when the dog is asleep, waking him or scaring him, stalking him when he’s walking to make sure he can sneak attack the dog, making sure the dog doesn’t eat poo or doesn’t get bothered by other pets. If he feels really mean he throws things on the floor so the dog can chew on it.

He loves to stick his paw in cold tea or water and splash it around or tip the cup. He also licks bread slices he thinks look yummy, begs for wet food and attacks if he can’t play “game for cats” on the ipod. It makes him mad if he doesn’t allowed to out, doesn’t get to sniff on menthol or catnip or if he’s just bored.

Robin is a meankitty
This scratching post is SO low tech. Where’s the iPood?

He loves to hide in the old birdcage and try too get the bird, play fetch, makeup brushes, knit dolls, yarnballs, and other exciting things. He jumps on doornobs to open them and throws litter sand around the house. He will pee in the neighbour’s flowerbed, walk around the house with dirty paws and knock his head in your nose to say he’s happy to see you.

Submitted by: Connie

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