Gallery: Willow 2

Name: Willow
Location: Unknown

Willow is mean and bad
I’m BORN TO BE WILD, baby. Not to mention BAD TO THE BONE. A regular IRONMAN.

What makes Willow so mean?

Willow hates absolutely everything except food, water, sleep, and causing pain. He is disinterested in all things calm and relaxing. Lately, he only stops by the apartment to eat. If not here, he’s in the woods adjacent to our apartment complex terrorizing the other cats and viciously murdering the field mice there. His dominion is this small patch of woods.

The other cats run when they see him. He is their tyrant. Their dictator of the deciduous home away from home. The savage hammer-pawed assassin of the night. His favorite spot to rest after a busy night’s bloody romp in the woods? The bathroom sink, where he cleanses himself of his sins so he can commit them again 12 hours later. If he had his way, you wouldn’t be around reading this.

Submitted by: Matt